sclatter (sclatter) wrote,

stupid shower

In our eensy weensy bathroom we have this pod-style shower enclosure that's been kind of a pain from day one. It's not properly leveled so water pools in the corner, the floor has soft spots in it, and despite lots of extra caulking it leaks like crazy out the bottom of the door. All that got worse a couple of months ago when the floor actually developed a crack. I patched it up with marine sealant--ugly, but so far effective. And so we've been shopping around for a way to replace this nightmare.

Yesterday we happened to stumble across the same actual product on the Lowe's website. Curious, I checked out the reviews. They were the worst reviews of any product I've ever seen on the internet. Every single reviewer had the same problems we've had--leaking and cracking, soft spots in the floor. Many had cracking within just a few months of installing the shower. I started feeling pretty lucky that the thing lasted us for two whole years.

I think I want to redo it as a tile surround. I guess we'll see.
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