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Starting to think maybe I can ride after all...

Today was my fifth lesson in my return to riding. One thing I like about this facility is that they seem to mix up their lessons. My last two lessons have been outside of the ring--one in the cross-country field and one on trails. The trail ride was complete with cantering (really, at least a hand-gallop), water crossing, and jumping small logs that blocked the trail. For a show-ring rider like me it was almost too much!

Today we were back in the ring, rather to my relief! My horse was Ace. I asked Javier, our instructor, how the horse is (I've yet to ride the same horse twice). He told me that Ace was about as good as it gets. Excellent. Off we went to warm up.

Javier told us to warm up on our own, and he would critique. I started Ace in a little trot and started to feel him out. I found him right away a little fussy, sensitive. Not a bad thing, necessarily. So I started to ask a bit more of him and he started to come on the bit a little for me. Great! Would he leg yield? Yes he would. So I sat the trot (not bad) and asked for a little shoulder-in, then pushed him out of it into a little more forward trot. He was getting quite nice, actually, though occasionally he would get a little testy. I imagined I was asking him to work harder than he preferred to.

So Javier called us in, and started answering some individual questions. After helping another girl with her canter, he sent me out to the rail by myself to trot. I didn't quite understand what he was asking me to do (sometimes his accent is hard to understand) so I just went out and tried to put together a nice trot. Come to find out, he was using me as an example to the other students for "what to do". I can't even remember all the nice things he said I was doing--I sort of thought to myself, "yeah, I guess I was doing that" but it was sort of subconscious. My riding brain is returning! Also he specifically complimented my sitting trot.

And then he let me canter jumps! I have always been terrible and trotting jumps. It was such a relief to canter them. I was allowed to jump more jumps than anyone else--even the water jump! And my eye still works! w00t!

OK, that was alright. I guess horses are still pretty ok. :-)
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