sclatter (sclatter) wrote,

Hooray for SmartPak!

So, every now and then you have a customer service experience so far outside the norm that it's worth sharing. Here's mine.

Sophie has been so itchy, and it doesn't seem to be fleas. I decided to try some hypo-allergenic food for her. I've had good experiences with SmartPak, so I went there and ordered up some fancy dog food and some K9 Advantix. (They always have good prices on flea preventatives). I clicked the big red, "Submit your order, only click this once!" button, and..... it timed out. DOH! No idea if my order went through.

So I called their 800 number.

Shock #1: A human immediately answered.
Shock #2: She already knew my name (I have ordered from them before, my phone is in the DB!)
Shock #3: She already had my order pulled up.

It hadn't gone through, so she re-entered my credit card info (which hadn't been saved) and submitted it. Took less than five minutes!

It shouldn't be so remarkable when things work the way they are supposed to!
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