sclatter (sclatter) wrote,

Baby at One Month

Today Nate is a month old! It's almost impossible to believe.

He is doing extremely well. At his last doctor visit he was already 11 lb. 5 oz. What a big boy! He has outgrown all his newborn clothes. In the last few days he's been producing fleeting but genuine-looking smiles.

Parenthood is still pretty surreal. It's amazing how all-consuming a newborn is. I really thought I would be able to do other things while he napped, but no, not so much. He only naps really well if I'm holding him. Even getting a shower is often a challenge when I'm home alone with him.

I would not have thought it possible to function on as little sleep as I've been getting, but I mostly feel pretty good. I do try hard to nap when he naps, which is not so difficult. Yesterday was our one really bad day so far--I think Nate and I were both over-tired and we both melted down. We slept better last night and are having a fine day today.

Weirdest baby moment--at our last pediatrician visit, the doctor milked the baby! Due to the cocktail of my hormones coursing through him, he was lactating a little. The doctor expressed a couple of teaspoons of milk from each of the baby's breasts. Apparently it's sometimes called witch's milk.
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